15 Ways to Sooth the Skin

Everyone’s skin becomes irritated at times but none more so than the sufferers of eczema. There are however ways to help soothe the skin. These may be sufficient to keep your skin comfortable or may need to be used in conjunction with treatments.

1. Avoid skin irritants, such as soaps and perfumes.

2. Prevent the skin from becoming dry. Lubricate dry skin by adding bath oil to the water when bathing or apply it directly to the dry patches of skin after washing.

3. Always pat the skin dry rather than rubbing to prevent further damage to the skin.

4. Avoid known allergens ie, woollen clothing and blankets that are known to irritate the skin.

5. Moisturise your skin regularly to prevent it drying out.

6. Have a trial period of a hypoallergenic diet and introduce common food allergens one at a time to try to eliminate any foods responsible.

7. Do not overheat the skin. Always ensure the bath water is tepid rather than hot.

8. Launder clothes with neutral pH soap or detergent and double rinse.

9. Change baby nappy’s regularly to prevent skin excoriation.

10. Try to avoid scratching.

11. Keep nails well trimmed and clean.

12. Put cotton mitts on babies hands and on children’s hands whilst sleeping.

13. Have soft toys made of hypoallergenic materials rather than toys with sharp edges that may scratch.

14. Control any complicating skin infections.

15. If the itching is unrelievable a sedative may be required. This will require a doctor’s consultation.

Local care of the skin is aimed at removing the debris and allaying the inflammatory process of the pruritis (itching). Sometimes good skin care just isn’t enough. The skin will still break-out in eczema lesions which are uncomfortable and itchy. This is when a cream is needed to treat the eczema or psoriasis.

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