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We started www.Eczema.com.au over 12 years and have had the privilege of helping many, many people with itchy skin over that time.

We had a number of products designed to alleviate the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

We also strongly recommend a mosquito repellent made here in Australia. Good Riddance is that insect repellent that works and works well. See their website for full details.

Meet the Team

The team at Eczema.com.au are very experienced in all things relating to Eczema and Psoriasis.

Mel Sinclair

Mel - Eczema.com.auGlorious Leader (she makes us call her that!)

Mel Sinclair is available to personally answer your psoriasis treatment and eczema treatment questions. Mel is very experienced with eczema and psoriasis, having run this web site for almost 10 years and  having children with eczema, and has found her niche providing information and care to those who suffer from these conditions.

She’s been involved in various nursing jobs over the years but we are not allowed to tell you her qualifications because the people at the TGA (the same people who made us take down the before and after shots and the testimonials) say it implies an endorsement from a medical profession.

Mel loves to travel (as pictured above on a hotel balcony in Paris) and keeps fit and active …………so she can feel better about all the coffee and cakes she loves to eat.

From not exercising a day in her life prior to her 40th birthday, she now trains 5 times a week and ran her first marathon on the Gold Coast in 2010.

Mel has also raised a Guide Dog puppy for a year or so – and loved it!  She is now an Ambassador for Guide Dogs Queensland.  Believe it or not, but we can’t even show you a photo of her puppy because Guide Dogs aren’t keen on that (they have good reasons!).

Mel also works part time for a local florist, helping out with flowers and delivery. Click here for that web site.

She also helps out a friend on her mosquito repellent web site at Good Riddance. That one’s a deet-free repellent that works well.

Mel can be found on .

Anthony Ferguson

Anthony - Eczema.com.auMr Tech Terrific

Anthony is the Website Guru. He knows what information people are looking for online and he works tirelessly to ensure the web site is simple and easy to use for our customers.

Anthony loves all things relating to the Internet and Computers – in his spare time he can be found at the local Surf Club cheering on Queensland in the State of Origin and demonstrating his expertise in digital marketing at this Gold Coast based firm.

Brendon Sinclair

Brendon - Eczema.com.auStack & Pack Man

Brendon, pictured here with his (and Mel’s) 16 yo son Jack, only got his job here because he’s married to the boss!

Aside from working here, Brendon also cycles (he cycled across Australia with Jack in September, 2008), helps out as the President of the Palm Beach Scouts and is the CEO of one of the leading advertising agency Gold Coast firms.

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