Eczema Treatment

Treating and controlling eczema is not always as easy as you would expect and for those with severe eczema it can be a very time consuming task.

The most important aspect of treating eczema is to keep the skin well moisturised. Dry skin is a major problem for people with eczema so it is important to avoid anything that will dry the skin like soaps, dyes, perfumes and chemicals. Applying a moisturiser regularly is also very important.

Creams and Ointments

For some keeping the skin well moisturised is sufficient to control the rash but for most the symptoms will need to be controlled by a medicated cream (my favourite is Calendulis Plus Cream). Traditionally steroid based creams have been used to control eczema and whilst these are often very effective they are not suitable for long term use as they do have some side effects.

Recently there has been a trend towards treating eczema with natural creams. These are available over the counter at chemists, health stores and the internet. There are many to choose from and it is a matter of personal preference which one is chosen to be used. The main advantage to natural creams is their reduction in side effects and the ability to use them long term when the eczema symptoms are persistent.

Increasing your omega 3 levels by increasing the amount of oily fish you eat or by taking Omega 3 supplements will also help to reduce the inflammation of eczema there by reducing the uncomfortable symptoms associated with eczema.

The Allergy Aspect

Flare ups of eczema are often caused by allergy. Finding what you are allergic to and removing it from your life will help to control your eczema. Unfortunately this is not always an easy task.

Common allergies causing eczema flare ups are pollens, some foods, animal dander, chemicals and dust mite. Stress and climate changes are also common triggers of eczema. It is impossible to say what causes each person’s eczema without determining their allergies and assessing their environment. However if the culprit can be determined and removed your eczema will be less severe or may even disappear totally.

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