Lick Eczema

Babies and young children often suck their thumb or lick their lips regularly.  This causes saliva to be in constant contact with the lips and surrounding skin.  The saliva often irritates the skin resulting in lip eczema – a dry, irritating rash around the mouth. The lips become dry, chapped and sore and the skin […]

Atopic Eczema – All The Facts

Eczema – one of the most common medical problems  in the world today affects millions of people globally.  And it is on the rise with the number of people suffering from the condition doubling in the last 30 years. Both adults and children are affected yet it is most commonly thought of as a childhood […]

Fast Food Causing Eczema in Children

Children who eat fast food three times per week are more likely to suffer from atopic conditions like eczema, asthma and rhinitis (hayfever). A world wide study has shown that consuming at least 3 servings of fast food each week is associated with a 39% increase for severe asthma and a 70%  increase for severe […]

Adults Get Eczema Too!

Eczema is one of the most common conditions affecting children in the western world yet it is rarely associated with adults.

This belief leads to many cases of eczema in adults going undiagnosed. Whilst the eczema often presents in different forms in adults it is still eczema with many of the same symptoms seen in childhood eczema – dry skin, itching, red scaly rash.

Psoriasis and Vitamin D

It is common knowledge that vitamin D helps many people with psoriasis. Why is it then that vitamin D tablets and creams alone will not control the condition?

Baby Eczema – Helpful Tips

The incidence of eczema is on the rise, with more and more children being born with the condition every day. The rise can almost certainty be attributed to aspects of our modern way of life, such as more pollution, processed foods and more chemicals and irritants all around us.

Dyshidrotic Eczema – Palms & Soles

Dyshidrotic eczema or Pompholyx is an intensely itchy form of eczema that appears as fluid filled vesicles (blisters) on the fingers, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The cause of Dyshidrotic eczema is unclear however there are known factors that may trigger or worsen the condition.  Stress, atopic characteristics and prolonged exposure […]

Increased Eczema Down South

Children living in our Southern States are more prone to develop eczema and food allergies than children living in the North of Australia. The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has carried out a study of 7600 Australians and have found that children living in the southern parts of the country were more likely to develop eczema […]

Coping With Eczema During Summer

Children love to play and run around outside, especially in the warmer weather when the sun is out and everything feels fresh and alive. And what better way for our children to spend their days. Unfortunately for some the summer months are a time of increased discomfort when their skin becomes extra prone to developing […]

Sun and Our Skin

It is a popular belief that a good suntan is a sign of good health. In fact, a suntan is visible evidence of having received enough sunlight to damage the skin.  Our views and knowledge of the sun and a suntan have changed considerably over the years. One hundred years ago the Europeans considered a […]

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