Cold Compresses Sooth Itches

Having trouble relieving that itch?

One of the main problems for people with eczema is that persistent, drive-you-mad itch. It seems to go on and on and no matter how much cream you use it just won’t go away.

Ever tried a cold compress?

Simple, easy, safe

Inflamed eczema skin is always hot due to dilated blood vessels close to the skin’s surface. By cooling the skin and constricting the blood vessels the heat will be taken out of the skin and the itch will be reduced.

Remember the skin is inflamed, not sprained. A cold compress is needed not an ice pack. You do not want to freeze the sensitive skin. Similarly you do not want to dry the skin out more so you do not want the pack to be moist or wet.

A dry, cold compress can be used intermittently offering remarkable, temporary relief to inflamed, itchy skin.

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