Types of Rosacea

Rosacea, the skin condition primarily affecting the facial blood vessels causes a hot, inflamed rash similar to blushing and acne like bumps.

There are three types of Rosacea:

Acne Rosacea:

This is a confusing term because acne and rasacea are two different conditions although they often appear together.  Whilst acne is caused by blocked skin pores, rosacea is the result of the blood vessels close to the skin surface of the face becoming dilated.

Blotchy, red patches appear on the skin.  There may be times when the patches are almost not visible and other times when the patches are quite dark.  Over time the patches will become more permanent.

Accompanying the red patches are solid red bumps that may resemble measles.  Left untreated the bumps may enlarge and develop into rhynophyma.

Ocular Rosacea:

Up to half of all acne rosacea sufferers will develop ocular rosacea.  This is where the condition affects the eyelids resulting in a form of conjunctivitis.  The inner membranes of the eyelids become inflamed causing the eyes to be sore and red.

There may be a crusty build up overnight and the eyes may feel gritty and sensitive to light.  There may occasionally be a loss of eyelashes.


This is the severe form of rosacea that develops if the condition is left untreated for a prolonged period of time.  A lack of treatment allows the nodules to enlarge and gradually join together, usually over the nose.  The end appearance is a swollen, red nose similar to that of an alcoholic.

Rhinophyma is more common in men than women and may require plastic surgery to reconstruct the damaged skin of the nose.

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