PROPOLIS – a powerful, all natural antibiotic also known as Russian Penicillin.

Propolis is a product from the bee-hive.  Honey-bees collect the sticky, brown resinous substance from various plants.  In the hive the bees mix the propolis with wax and use it to sterilise their home against infection and as a  multi-purpose cement and varnish.

Around 400BC Hippocrates used propolis to help heal sores and ulcers both externally and internally.  In modern times we continue to use propolis because of its dynamic bacteria destroying power.

It is rich in amino acids, trace elements and vitamins especially bioflavanoids and vitamin K.  Bacteria and viruses cannot build up a tolerance against it.  This means propolis is always effective.

Propolis can be found in tinctures and ointments where it is used for its anti bacterial and antifungal qualities to disinfect and protect cuts and wounds.  Propolis capsules are taken as a supplement to protect against bacterial infection.  Propolis is also used in some toothpastes and chewing gums as it is beneficial in treating sore throats and gum disease.

Propolis is an effective ingredient used in Calendulis Plus Cream.

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