What to avoid!

Caring for a child with atopic eczema is never easy, but there are many things that you can do or not do to make life easier.

Avoiding common triggers like grasses, pollens and moulds is helpful.  Paints, resins and varnishes may also aggravate the condition and are best avoided, as are aerosol sprays, insecticides, air fresheners and polishes.

It is advisable to carry out maintenance and cleaning when the child is not at home.  Simply mowing the lawn, polishing the furniture or painting a wall may exacerbate a child’s eczema.

The more commonly known allergens

Of course it almost goes with out saying that you should avoid soaps and detergents.  Also avoid overheating.  Have baths and showers luke warm rather than hot.  Avoid over exposure to water.  Add a bath oil to bath water and moisturise the skin as soon as you have showered.  Also moisturise your hands after washing them each time.

Clothing is also often an issue.  Wool and synthetic material frequently irritate sensitive skin.  Cotton is best.

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