Treatment for Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea, the skin condition causing a red rash on the face of many adults was until recently thought to be caused by blushing or high blood pressure.

Recent studies however have revealed that Rosacea is in fact caused by a parasite that lives on the skin and around the hair follicles of 98% of adults, but only causes problems in a select few.

A team of physicians in China isolated a microscopic parasite called human demodex, which infects over 90% of sufferers at birth and may cause Acne Rosacea in adult life. The parasite looks like a microscopic worm and feeds off our skin.  If not treated properly the parasite will multiply at an extremely rapid rate.  It takes only 10 days to reach maturity from the egg stage.

Untreated human demodex may lead to Acne Rosacea which causes the skin on the face to become rough, lumpy and reddish. Hair loss, premature aging of the skin and enlarged pores and acne may also result. The nose can also become bulbous.

Studies have shown that babies are not born with the parasite but become infected shortly after birth due to contact with other humans. Whilst evidence is not conclusive it is believed that the infection grows as people grow older and the parasites may get out of control if the immune system is out of balance or if there is too much sugar or yeast in the diet.

The Chinese team of physicians has spent 30 years researching the condition and effective treatments. They have developed a natural treatment with the primary ingredient being sea buckthorn oil, which is designed to kill human demodex and restore the skin.

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