Pet Hair in Spring Time

Animals lose their coat in Spring.

If you’ve got a pet, you’ll know how much hair they leave lying around the house.  In spring time, this can double or even triple in quantity depending on the type of pet you have.  Pet hair floating around the home is not good news for eczema sufferers as it is a know allergen.

Pet’s can be very beneficial to eczema sufferers as they:

  • provide company
  • decrease stress
  • provide hours of endless pleasure
  • distract from worries.

Stress is a common trigger factor for flareups and outbreaks.

Of course if you are actually allergic to your pet the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages.  But before you send your beloved pet off to a new home check that it is your pet you are allergic to and not the products you are using to care for him.  It is not uncommon for pet shampoo or flea care etc to cause an allergic reaction and not the fur or the pet himself.

If you choose to have a pet, select your pet carefully.  Perhaps a goldfish would be a better alternative.  If it is a cat or dog that you are wanting, keep him clean and well groomed at all times.  Research the breeds and go for one that’s short haired and less likely to loose a lot of hair.  Don’t allow him to sleep on your bed or chairs and wash your hands after contact.

If you feel that a pet is a must in your life and your pet does cause allergic reactions you may find that it is necessary to use extra medication to control your eczema.

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