Your Pharmacist

In a survey of 1000 consumers looking for an over the counter remedy to treat a medical problem indicated that the pharmacist exerts considerable influence.

The study carried out in the UK showed that over half the UK population has asked a pharmacist for advice on a cough or cold remedy.  20% have asked the pharmacist for advice regarding an eye problem and 19% regarding a headache or migraine.  14% of people have asked for advice from the pharmacist regarding a skin complaint such as eczema.

Findings show that women are more likely to ask for a pharmacist’s advice than men.  Haemorrhoids (3%) and weight loss (2%) are the least likely ailments for people to seek a pharmacist’s advice about.  Almost 70% of pharmacists were said to not only give advice but to suggest a brand of product to use.

This shows that the pharmacist is a key influencer in consumers determining treatment when seeking an over the counter remedy for medical ailments.

(These results are from a survey carried out in 2008)

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