If it’s natural – it must be safe??!

Over recent years we have seen a trend towards natural products.

It is often thought that if it is natural it must be safe.

It is true that natural products do not contain the harmful man-made chemicals known to be harsh on the skin.  It is however fallacy that natural ingredients will not cause an allergic reaction.

Whilst it is true that natural ingredients are less likely to cause an allergic reaction, some people are just more prone to allergy.  This is especially so for the eczema sufferer.

Unfortunately unless you are already aware of certain ingredients that will cause a reaction there is no way of knowing how your skin will react to a product until you have tried it.  It is for this reason that any new topical application should be patch tested before being applied to the affected area.

If your skin does react to a substance it will become red, itchy and burn.  Severe reactions will result in small papules sometimes filled with a watery fluid to develop.

Sensitive skin can be aggravated by environmental influences like wind, sun and heat.  Perfumes, some essential oils and products containing alcohol will also aggravate sensitive skin.  Stress, changed diet, illness or medication may make you prone to an allergic reaction.

Sometimes it may take several applications of a preparation before a reaction occurs.  If an allergic reaction occurs immediately wash the substance off your skin.  A cold compress will soothe any resulting stinging or redness.

Despite the possibility of a natural product still causing an allergic reaction it is less likely than a product containing perfumes, chemicals or sulfates to cause irritation.  I believe it is still a good choice for your skin – a more friendly, gentle choice for your skin.  You just need to remember to take the required precautions.

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