Home remedy for Eczema

There are countless types of home remedy’s for eczema that well meaning people have passed on over time.  A home remedy for eczema is often formulated through trial and error.  Each one of us is different and our bodies respond differently to different regimens.

Formulating a good home remedy for eczema that will work for you requires patience.  It can sometimes take quite a while before you experience any improvement.  Whilst  trying out a new home remedy for your eczema, it is important to remember that this type of treatment is complementary- that is the treatment is intended to be used alongside you conventional medicine or medication not to replace it totally.

The products developed by Graham’s Natural Alternatives started off as a home remedy for eczema.  Frustrated by the feeling of helplessness he experienced by not being able to help his young son who had eczema, Geoff went about developing his own home remedy for eczema.

It was a process of trail and error, with Geoff and his wife spending many hours in the kitchen with his mothers mix master.  Their aim was to find a cream that would control the itching and redness, as well as aid in skin repair and protect that skin from secondary infections.

The range of products that Geoff developed in his kitchen helped his son’s eczema immensely.  Encouraged by his sons response, Geoff went about helping other sufferers of eczema.  Eventually his initial home remedy for eczema become a credible and effective form of relief for eczema sufferers.  The product is recognised by the Australian Therapeutic Association  and was introduced to the market  2  years ago.  It has now helped thousands of sufferers of eczema, not only here in Australia but worldwide.

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