Eczema is Contagious – Fact or Fallacy

In many cases it looks so bad that a lot of people think it must be contagious or so the old wives tale goes.

Like many wives tales though, it is fallacy rather than fact.

Regardless of how severe the eczema is, it is not contagious.  It can not be passed from person to person by direct contact or by droplet infection.  You can not catch eczema by kissing, sneezing, looking or even touching someone who has eczema.  In fact you can’t catch eczema at all.

Whilst it is true that the tendency to develop the condition can be passed down a family from generation to generation, this has no bearing on the condition being contagious.

Although it is often unsettling to touch the rash of an eczema sufferer, you are in no way at risk of contracting the condition yourself.

This does not however eliminate the need for washing ones hands before and after coming in contact with the eczema rash.  This is just good hygiene practice and aids in minimising the risk of any cross infection.

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