15 Interesting Facts

Fact #1
In the course of a life time you will , while sleeping eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders.

Fact #2
50 000 cells in your body will have died and been replaced by new cells while you have been reading this sentence.

Fact #3
The most common non contagious disease in the world today is tooth decay.

Fact #4
A person’s entire skin weighs around 4kg (8.75 lb) which is around 7% of the total body weight.

Fact #5
The average person sheds 18kg (39.5 lb) of skin cells in a life time.

Fact #6
Experts predict that 15% of young children suffer from atopic eczema.  It is more common in urban areas than rural, small families than large families and in wealthier families.  The reasons for this are unclear.

Fact #7
Eczema, asthma and hayfever are all; closely related.  They are all atopic conditions with a strong familial basis.  It is estimated that approximately 50% of children with eczema will develop asthma or hayfever.

Fact #8
Psoriasis affects approximately 2 – 4% of the population.  The first symptoms usually appear between the age of 10 – 35 years, although it can appear at any age.

Fact #9
Almost 50% of psoriasis sufferers will experience psoriasis of the fingernails where the nail appears pitted.

Fact #10
About 3% of white adults have psoriasis, however it is uncommon in colored people.  It affects both sexes equally and is rare in small children.

Fact #11
In the last 30 years the number of people with eczema has doubled.

Fact #12
In the UK 1 in 10 people suffer from eczema.  That is 1 in 12 adults and 1 in 8 children.

Fact #13
In the UK eczema costs 288 million pounds every year.  Amazingly one third of this amount is spent by the eczema sufferers themselves on topical treatments – creams, oils, ointments etc.

Fact #14
Occupational dermatitis/eczema, a type of skin inflammation caused by contact with irritant substances used in the workplace is thought to account for over half of the working dayslost in the UK every year.

Fact #15
Studies show that approximately 60% of Americans are deficient in omega 3 and 20% have so little that test methods are unable to detect any in their blood.

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