Eczema and Skin infections

Skin infections are a common problem associated with eczema.  The problem is the eczema is just so itchy it is hard not to scratch.  The skin is already tender, fragile and irritated so repeated scratching can easily break the skin.  An infection on top of the eczema at this point is common.

Infected eczema can be identified by raw oozing areas.  Yellow, crusted patches will also develop.  The legs, wrists, hands and face are the areas most commonly affected.  Once an infection is present it is not uncommon for movement of the area to become limited and to feel generally unwell.

Medical treatment is required

Medical treatment is required.  An antibiotic cream may be prescribed to apply directly to the infected skin or in some cases oral antibiotics may be required.

The easiest way to treat an infection is to prevent it occurring in the first place.  Keep the skin clean and well moisturised and try not to scratch.  Keep nails short and if necessary wear mittens.

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