Moving into the adult world with eczema

Just like when they were a child the teenager with eczema must be selective about the activities they choose.  This is especially so when it comes to selecting a career.

The aim is to avoid a career that may expose you to irritants that may exacerbate your condition.  Even if you have grown out of your eczema you may still suffer dry skin and will still be susceptible to an outbreak of the condition if exposed to irritants on a regular basis.

The most common work related eczema is irritant dermatitis of the hands.  This is frequently the result of repeated contact with chemicals or prolonged submersion of the hands in water.

The careers most commonly causing a problem for eczema sufferers are hairdressing, motor mechanic, nursing, catering or in the building industry.  Cotton lined gloves will help control the condition but a complete avoidance of the irritating substance is best.

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