General Skin Care Tips for people with eczema

•    Avoid exfoliating treatments as they may irritate the skin.
•    Use cotton lined water proof gloves when immersing your hands in water.
•    Wear plain cotton gloves when doing household chores like dusting and cleaning.
•    Shower or bath in lukewarm water rather than hot water.
•    Avoid vigorous drying after showering.  Dabbing with a soft towel is best.
•    Wear cotton clothing in preference to synthetic or woolen’s as these will irritate the skin.
•    Avoid tight restricting clothes which will make your skin hot and sweaty.
•    Wash new clothing before wearing to remove irritating dyes.
•    Do not allow your body to over heat and sweat.
•    Avoid central heating which will dry out the air and lead to dry skin.
•    Avoid extreme cold conditions which will also irritate the skin.
•    Avoid personal conditions which are known to trigger your eczema.
•    Avoid cosmetics and perfumes.
•    Avoid prolonged submersion in water as this will strip the skin of its natural oils.
•    Look for skin care products which are marked hypoallergenic.

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