Emotional Eczema

An article published in MarketWatch.com in February this year talks about a national online survey carried out in Canada that revealed that the troubled economy may be responsible for some eczema flare-ups.
The Canadian survey which was developed in consultation with Dr. Marlene Dytoc, an Edmonton dermatologist indicated that emotional factors, including stress, were reported to be the most common cause of flare-ups in three out of four eczema sufferers.
The survey results were:
“The survey results reveal that for half the respondents, flare-ups occurred most frequently during the winter. Chilly, dry air and indoor heating can dehydrate the skin and cause eczema flare-ups, Dytoc said.
Eczema was reported to have far-reaching effects on sufferers’ lives, with 36 percent of adults reporting that they attempt to conceal their eczema. In addition, 29 percent reported problems concentrating at work or school, 28 percent were unable to sleep at night and 27 reported difficulty playing certain sports.
Difficulty sleeping at night was the primary complaint of 43 percent of the children”

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