Acne – A teenage Nightmare

Acne is an inflammatory condition often affecting teenagers during puberty.  It is the result of a build up of sebum behind blocked hair follicles.  The blocked pores create small pustules (pimples) on the skin surface.  If left untreated the pimple will build up in pressure and eventually burst causing bacteria and dead skin to spread across the skin.  This causes the skin to become oily and further hair follicles to become blocked and so increasing the problem.

Acne is best treated early to prevent scarring and to allow treatment to have the best chance of being effective.  There are many acne treatments available.  It is important to remember that not all treatments will help everyone.

If your acne is not clearing up after several weeks of using a treatment you may need to readjust your treatment.  Along with medicated treatments it is important to gently clean your skin twice a day with a mild soap and pat dry.

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