Psoriasis – The Silvery Scale

Psoriasis is yet another chronic condition that may affect the face.  It more commonly affects the scalp and extends from the scalp down onto the face.  Psoriasis is uncommon in young children frequently first appearing in mid to late teens and carrying on through life.

Psoriasis is an hereditary condition resulting from on overproduction of skin cells. This causes the affected areas of skin to become red, scaly and itchy.  The most distinctive symptom of psoriasis is the thick, silver scales that develop on the skin over the rash.

There is no cure for psoriasis.  Treatment is aimed at controlling the symptoms.  Warm, moist conditions tend to improve psoriasis hence many psoriasis sufferers will move to warmer climates where they are able to enjoy an outdoors life.

Treatments range from topical creams through to internal and ultraviolet light therapies.  Mild cases are usually managed quite effectively by avoiding environmental triggers and using topical creams.  More severe cases often require a variety of different treatment options being used in conjunction.  Close medical guidance is therefore needed in these cases.

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