Chocolate and Easter

We at would like to wish all of our customers a safe and happy Easter.

Chocolate and Easter

Ask any child what Easter means to them and they will say chocolate.  Sure they know the religious story that is Easter, but to them it is all about the chocolate.

It is one time of the year that we all let our diets go a little and indulge in those chocolate treats.  Most of us eat chocolate and think of our waistlines but for many eczema sufferers it is an indulgence they just can’t afford.

Dairy products, including chocolate are a common cause of food allergy, which may trigger an eczema flare up.  Avoiding chocolate is therefore a must for many.  But how can you ask a child to have Easter with out chocolate.

Find Other Treats

The secret is to find other treats.  Carob chocolate is dairy free and is therefore a safe substitute to chocolate.  Marshmallow bunnies are also a popular alternative.

If you decide to give your child a little chocolate knowing it will probably cause an eczema flare up be prepared.

  • Be extra diligent with moisturising the skin, even before they have the chocolate.
  • Have plenty of cream on hand ready to treat the eczema at the first signs of a break out.
  • Keep their fluids up so they are well hydrated.  This will also help to moisten the skin.
  • Give the chocolate as a treat after meals.  They will eat less if they are not hungry when they start eating it (or that is the plan anyway).

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