Eczema & New Clothes

Dyes, fabric finishers, seams, zips

They are all a potential hazard for the eczema sufferer when buying new clothes.  Sensitive skin is easily irritated and poorly selected clothing is frequently the cause of skin irritation.

Check the labels

Before buying new clothing check the label.  Select clothing that is made from cotton or cotton blends.  Wool and synthetic fibres will often irritate the skin.

It is especially important to select cotton undergarments, as these are what are in direct contact with the skin and often protect the skin from outer garments.  Even socks are important.  Synthetic socks will not breathe as well as cotton socks causing a buildup of moisture and irritation to the skin.

Try before you buy

You can usually tell when first trying on a garment if it is going to irritate the skin.  Always try clothes on before you buy them.  Ensure they fit properly, are not constricting and seams do not rub.  Take particular note of zips as some zips are made of nickel that is a common allergen in contact eczema.

Wash away excess dyes

Wash all new clothing before wearing them.  This will remove excess dyes and potentially irritating fabric finishers.  Tags that may rub can also be removed before wearing.  Turn undergarments inside out if the seams irritate the skin.

With carefully selected clothes you can not only look great but you can feel great to – and keep the itching at bay.

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