Eczema Tips

When you have eczema it is all to easy to get bogged down in the task of finding what triggers a flare up and finding a cream that will control the symptoms.

Whilst these are both vital in helping to control your eczema and lessen the impact it has on your life there are other simple rules to remember that are the same for everyone with eczema.  Rules that are often forgotton in the quest to find the bigger answers.

  1. Remember water is the best drink when you have eczema.  Avoid flavors, colorings or preservatives, as these are prone to trigger eczema.
  2. Keep your skin cool as much as possible.  Overheating will irritate the skin leading to an eczema flare up.
  3. Loose fitting, cotton clothing and cotton bed sheets will help to keep you cool when sleeping which will help to reduce itching and restlessness.
  4. B Complex vitamins will help to combat dryness and itchiness of the skin and zinc aids healing and skin health.  People with eczema are often deficient in zinc.
  5. Hand eczema is often work related.  Protect your hands from soaps, cleansers and other chemicals by wearing vinyl gloves (not latex or rubber).
  6. Apply an oil to the skin before swimming in a chlorinated pool to help protect the skin from irritation.
  7. Respond quickly to any eczema breakout so it isn’t given a chance to develop.  Keep the skin well moisturized even when there is no eczema visible.  This will help to keep eczema at bay.
  8. Fungal infections are often mistaken for eczema.  Have any unknown rash diagnosed by a doctor so the correct treatment can be prescribed.
  9. Dust mites commonly trigger eczema.  Whilst vacuuming will remove up to 70% of dust mites they will be back to their original numbers within a week.  Vacuum regularly.
  10. Caffeine can irritate the gut lining making you more likely to develop a sensitivity, which may trigger eczema.  Decreasing the amount of coffee, tea, chocolate and cola type drinks you drink is therefore advisable if you have eczema.
  11. If food allergies trigger your child’s eczema parties will be tricky.  Take along a bottle of lemonade or soda water, put a few safe sweets in your child’s pocket and give them something to eat and drink before they go to the party.

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