Allergies & Allergy Testing

Eczema sufferers tend to be allergic to a wide range of substances in everyday life that the non-eczema sufferer is not.  For example, food, dust mites, pollen, animals, moulds, drugs, solvents etc to name but a few.

One of the most common and frustrating allergies that an eczema sufferer will face is intolerance to certain foods.  The most common foods that cause problems seem to be dairy products, citrus fruits, fish, eggs, tomatoes and wheat.

Undertaking an elimination diet is a good way to identify suspect foods.  Specialists believe that any food elimination diet should show positive results within about 6 weeks.  If the eczema is improving, it is usual to continue to eliminate the particular food for about a year.  It is not recommended that you undertake an elimination diet without consulting  your GP or dermatologist first.

Another option to help you identify what may be increasing the severity of your eczema is undergoing an allergy test.  Your GP will be able to help you with this or can refer you onto a specialist who can.

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