Organic Milk Reducing Eczema

A new study has found that drinking organic cows milk instead of normal cows milk reduces the incident of eczema.

Dr Machteld Huber of the Louis Bolk Institute, in the Dutch city of Utrechthas recently released the findings of a study that followed the lifestyle, diet and health of 2500 pregnant women and their children for two years after birth.

Children drinking organic milk are less likely to develop eczema

The study found that children weaned on organic milk, cheese and yoghurts and who were breastfed by mums eating organic dairy products were 36 per cent less likely to suffer from allergies.

Dr Huber said: “There was a clear relationship between organic dairy use and less eczema.

“The difference was significant but only for children exclusively eating organic dairy products.”   There was no correlation between reduced eczema and children who ate a mixture of normal dairy and organic dairy products.

Many young mothers have already decided to make the change to organic dairy products as they become more health conscious in an attempt to give their children the best diet possible.

An earlier research by Aberdeen University, found organic milk has 71 per cent more Omega 3 than conventional milk because of the cows’ clover-rich natural diet.  The essential fatty acid Omega 3 plays an important part in controlling the inflammatory condition, eczema as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

What is different about organic milk?

Organic milk does not contain any pesticides, added hormones or antibiotics. That means the pasture that the organic cow grazes on will be free from artificial insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The feed for organic dairy cows does not contain GMOs and solvent extracts and urea.

If a cow becomes sick farmers are encouraged to treat it homeopathically first and only use antibiotics as a last resort. If a cow requires antibiotics the milk from that cow will be removed from the milk stream and not used.

What goes into the cow’s mouth gets processed into milk, and if it’s on the grass or grain it will end up in the milk. Organic cow’s eat a healthier additive free diet so in turn produce a milk that is healthier for us as it does not contain those unwanted additives.

Dr Huber and her team believe higher concentrations of fatty acids called conjugated linoleic acids found in organic milk play a role in the reduced number of children eating solely organic milk, cheese and yoghurts acquiring eczema. But at this stage despite the findings being clear the reasons behind those findings are still unconfirmed.

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