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It has been around forever but it seems that the incredible benefits of Omega 3 have only become widely known in recent years.  Sure naturalists have advertised the benefits of Omega 3 for years but it seems to me that it is only in far more recent times that omega 3 has been considered an important asset to our bodies.

Omega 3 is a powerful weapon against many common diseases and ailments including heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, menstrual cramping, acne, diabetes, depression, dementia, Attention Deficit Disorder, inflammation and eczema.

In fact omega 3 is vital for general well being.

In history the relevance of omega 3 has been of less significance as the typical diet contained sufficient omega 3 naturally for it not to be a problem.  Our modern way of life in the western world has changed this.

We now eat less fresh fruit and vegetables grown naturally in our own back yards and less oily fish freshly caught by our hunting husbands.  Our diets now are highly processed.  Many of our foods are tinned, packaged, pre prepared or heaven forbid “fast”.  The end result for most people of the western world is a diet low, or in many cases, completely deficient in omega 3.

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid (or polyunsaturated fatty acid) found in fish tissues and some leafy green vegetables.   They were originally classified as “Vitamin F” until it was realised that they must be classified with the fats.

Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are particularly valuable because the body needs them to function properly but is unable to manufacture them on its own.  EFA’s protect cell membranes throughout the body keeping them efficient at admitting healthy substances while barring damaging ones.

Put simply Omega 3 is one of the “good fats” and our body needs it to stay healthy.

Omega 3 has been found to have many benefits:

It improves the health of the cardio vascular system by lowering serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels to make blood less viscous, thinner and less sticky and therefore less likely to clump together.  High cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure are all less likely when a diet high in omega 3 is observed.  Omega 3 also reduces inflammation in the body.  Eczema and psoriasis are both inflammatory skin conditions that will decrease if the levels of Omega 3 are increased.

Where do we get it?

If today’s diet does not include enough Omega 3 then the question must be asked:  Where can we get it from?

There are many Omega 3 supplements available over the counter.  They often come in capsule form like the cod fish oil supplements but may also be a liquid supplement.  Mega Oil is a liquid Omega 3 supplement with a difference.  It not only contains Omega 3 but also Omegas 6 and 9, in a ratio  specifically balanced to maintain optimum health.

Mega Oil is designed to reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

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