The Olympics are here!

The hottest topic at the moment is by far the Olympic Games. It’s day 6 of the games and already Australia has 12 gold medals to boast about. I’ve been lucky enough to watch a fair bit of the games so far and continue to be amazed by the dedication and passion Olympic athletes have.

The Olympics are the pinnacle of an athlete’s career and to achieve a medal position they need to put in a super human effort. Not only are the Olympics an exciting time, they can be a very stressful and nervous few weeks for the athletes. Not to mention the heat and much publicised pollution they need to contend with whilst competing in Beijing.

So you might see where I’m going with this…no, not every athlete in Beijing will return home with a case of Eczema, but those prone to such a skin condition are going to have to ensure they keep on top of their event preparation as well as their skin care routine!

I hope you enjoy the few short articles I’ve included in this special Olympic edition of the News Flash.

Take Care, Go Australia!

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