Eczema heads to Beijing

Dry Athletes

Athlete’s skin under goes enormous stress from constant sweating and exposure to the sun as well as additional elements. Not to mention the irritation from repeated movement and the rubbing of clothing that can occur. Athletes competing in water sports are exposed to high levels of chlorine, salt and other harsh chemicals that can dry out the skin.

It’s common knowledge that dry skin can lead to breakouts of Eczema and Psoriasis, so athletes need to be especially careful if they have overly sensitive skin.

Stressed Athletes

It goes without saying that an event as big as the Olympic Games places additional stress on athletes. Although they are professional athletes and are experienced when it comes to big events, performance anxiety is always experienced at some level.

Your Everyday Athlete

Although we are focusing on Olympic athletes, we can’t forget that thousands of people are out and about every day taking part in some physical activity and are experiencing these same harsh conditions and stressful environments.

Eczema and other skin conditions affect thousands of Australian’s who deal with the discomfort every day.

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