Going for Gold

I wonder if Libby Trickett would give up here Gold medal to help treat Eczema sufferers?

The use of gold in medicine has been around for many years.  Today it is primarily used in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, but then only in certain instances and only if the symptoms are severe enough.

Gold is available in tablet or injection form and although it is not known exactly how it works, it appears to affect the process that causes joint pain and swelling.  Its use is limited however, due to its frequent side effects which persist for months after the use of the drug is discontinued.

But what about gold treatment for eczema?

I researched the use of Gold in the treatment of eczema but I could not find out anything about the use of gold as a topical treatment to help control the symptoms of eczema or any other skin ailment for that matter.  I was unable to determine what properties it contains to help it reduce the symptoms or how it works.  Nor could I establish if it is expected to carry with it any of the harsh side effects that it has in the oral or injection form.

It would seem that studies in this area are still in the early stages and potential developers are being tight lipped.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  Libby can hold onto her gold medal for the moment!

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