My Marathon Run…well half

Keeping on topic, I wanted to share with you a recent achievement. Here’s a little bit of background for you to set the scene.

I’m 43 years old and have 3 teenage kids…4 if you count my husband! As you can imagine, the house can get very hectic with each child taking part in a different activity each night. My husband and two boys are right into their sports, my daughter is a lot like I was at her age, content when she has her head in a book on the couch! In fact that was me up until about 9 months ago, sport and exercise were never a part of my life.

I decided that perhaps I should do something for myself, so I stated going to a personal trainer once a week and joined a running group twice a week.

I loved it!

I started feeling like I had so much more energy and before long I could do more pushups than my husband…now that’s motivation!

Chris, my personal trainer from Chisel Fitness, suggested I enter the Gold Coast Half Marathon. ‘No way’ I said. ‘I’d never be able to run that far.’ But after a few months of persistent nudging from family and friends I entered the race.

I was so excited

It took me a long time to accept that I was actually going to run 21km. But once I stopped to look back at all the training I had done in the lead up to the race I felt much more confident that I might just be able to do it. Evidently I ran the entire way in 2hr 14min. I was so excited to have achieved my goal…I felt like I’d won a gold medal at the Olympics…now I know why Olympic athletes put in the hard yards.


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