Pollen in the Air

Look out, here comes the pollen.

Pollen is commonly associated with allergic reactions, especially those involving asthma and hayfever.  It can be a problem for eczema sufferers as well.   It is from mid spring until the end of summer that pollen is a major problem.

Pollen causes most problems for people when it leaves the flowers an becomes airborne.  We breath it in without noticing when we venture outdoors.  Of course it would be easiest just to stay inside with the doors and windows shut.  This would eliminate the problem of pollen causing eczema flare ups, however it would also pretty well eliminate any sort of life style you may have as well.

The idea is then to minimise your exposure to pollen.

This can be done by:

  • Changing clothes when coming inside and shower to remove any specks of pollen.
  • Keeping windows shut during the summer months.
  • Consider replacing lawns with pebbles or paving
  • If you must keep your lawn have some one else mow it for you.
  • Avoid having plants in your garden that are known allergen–producing plants.

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