Would you pass the Eczema exam?

It’s a horrible time of year at school, you’re so close to the September holidays but you’ve still got a mountain of study and assignments to get through.  These exams are very important as the results will open up doors for their future.

Stress is everywhere

The children are well aware of the importance of these exams and feel the pressure.  Stress is everywhere and each child will experience their stress differently.  Some will have difficulty sleeping, some may experience nausea, and others may experience a flare up of their eczema.

Even eczema that has been dormant for years may resurface during this stressful time.  It is important to take good care of yourself and treat your eczema promptly so that your focus is not taken away from the major task at hand – exams.

Below are some tips on how to survive the final exams when you have eczema:

  • Eat a well balanced diet, which includes plenty of water
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Take time out from study to ‘chill out’ and relax
  • Moisturise your skin after showering, every time, even if your eczema is controlled.  This may help to prevent a flare up
  • Don’t leave study to the last minute, be sensible and spread it out so you don’t need to cram and can feel well prepared for each exam
  • If your eczema causes problems with your hands making writing difficult discuss with your teacher the possibility of the exam board permitting you to use a computer or tape recorder
  • If possible wear loose fitting cotton clothing that will not enhance sweating
  • Request to sit in a well ventilated cool area of the room
  • Make sure your teacher is aware of your condition so that they can be understanding and helpful where ever necessary

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