Stressed out to the max!

Eczema is caused by stress? No

This is just another eczema fallacy.  Stress often acts as a trigger to eczema flare ups but is not the cause of eczema.

Eczema itself may cause stress, which leads to a vicious circle.  An increase in eczema leads to an increase in stress, which further worsens the eczema.

People look upon foods, dusts and climate changes as the major causes of eczema flare ups.  But one major factor – stress – is often overlooked.

Stress is often easier to identify and possible to control.

Our lives in general are far more stressful than in past generations.  Stressful jobs, fast non-stop social lives, unstable world situations and deadlines to meet.  All add stresses to our lives that will easily trigger an eczema flare up or make the overall condition difficult to control.

Take time to smell the roses

It is simple; we need to reduce the stress in our daily lives.  Take time out of our hectic day to relax – take time to smell the roses as the saying goes.

By spending half an hour each day doing something purely for yourself that you enjoy will significantly reduce the level of stress bottled up inside of you.  This may be simply reading a magazine, walking on the beach or having a massage.

Reduce you stress levels and your eczema will be much easier to control.

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