Blisters are a result of a number of causes.  Blisters are small fluid-filled sacs that appear on the surface of the skin.  They may vary in size from pinpoint to 10mm in diameter.  Larger blisters are known as bulla, whilst the smaller ones commonly seen in eczema are called vesicles.

Blisters are caused by an allergic reaction, which causes an increase in fluid accumulation in the skin’s tissues.  Blisters usually break easily releasing their fluid onto the skin’s surface.  When the fluid dries yellow crusts like scabs may remain on the skin.

Although not commonly recognised as a main symptom of eczema, blisters can be present in most types of eczema.  They are however mainly associated with Dyshidrotic eczema. Nummular eczema and Atopic eczema may also have blisters but they are a less distinctive part of the conditions.

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