Protect Young Skin

Children are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun.  Their outdoor habits and lack of understanding about the sun tends to increase their risk of skin damage in later life.  Most people receive 80% of their lifetime exposure to the sun by 18 years of age. It is therefore up to us to protect them from the sun and teach them how to protect themselves for the future.

Babies should not be exposed to the sun at all.  Even dark skinned babies are vulnerable when in the sun.  Remember babies can even burn in the shade on sunny days.

Encourage young children to wear a sunscreen and teach them to apply it themselves.

Select products which offer a high level of protection (SPF  30+ with a broad spectrum cover).

Encourage children to wear a hat when out of doors.  Preferably a hat with a broad rim and neck protection.  Remember a sun visor will not stop the top of their head from getting burnt.

Encourage children to wear sun protective clothing.  These will offer protection especially to the back and shoulders whether wet or dry.

Set a good example.  Use common sense yourself when in the sun and explain to your children the caution they need to take.

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