2009 Survey Results

Below are some results of the Eczema.com.au survey.

Who suffers from a skin condition?

  • 46% of respondents have children affected by a skin condition
  • 43% of respondents said the skin condition affects themselves
  • 11% of the respondents say other relations were effected

What condition do you or they have?

  • 76% Eczema
  • 22% Psoriasis
  • 13%  Dermatitis

The conditions affected 53% female & 47% male.

When is the skin condition at its worst?

The most common responses were:

  • Heat
  • Stressed
  • Certain Foods
  • At night

What part of the body is most affected by the condition?

The most common responses were:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Behind knees
  • Face
  • Elbow creases

Respondents suggested they would like to know more about:

  • Available treatments
  • Causes
  • Food & Diet
  • Household Triggers
  • New Findings
  • Environmental Trigger
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Self-help Techniques
  • Home Remedies

We’ll be using this data to provide you with information that you have told us you want to know more about.  It’s that simple.  You’ll find the News Flash Newsletters will have more relevant and useful information that will help you manage and control your condition.

We’ll be starting with content such as ‘Available Treatments’ and will be working our way through researching and redeveloping informative articles to help answer your questions or concerns about your condition.

Thanks again for taking the time to complete the survey.  We have announced the winner of the $50 voucher in the January 28th edition of the Eczema News Flash.

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