Let’s Wrap It Up


Is your eczema out of control?
Are the patches on your skin so itchy they bleed?
Does your eczema keep you awake at night?

If your eczema is this bad simple good skin care combined with a cream and bath oil may not be enough to ease the discomfort and repair the damaged skin.

An old tried and proven method to help in this situation is “wrapping”.  In this treatment the affected area is wrapped in plastic glad wrap to help keep the skin moist and to prevent itching.

The process is quite simple.  Listed below are the easy step by step instructions.

1. Soak in warm water with Grahams Bath Oil added for 15 – 20 minutes, allowing the skin to become very moist.

2. Pat the body dry, rubbing in any excess oil on the body.

3. Apply Calendulis Plus Cream to the affected areas.

4. Begin wrapping limbs with plastic glad wrap , 2 – 3 layers around the limb.  Do not wrap too tightly.

5. Then bandage with a crepe bandage available from any chemist.

6. You may also then cover the foot, for example, with a sock to help secure the bandage.

7. Remove both bandages and clear wrap the next morning and apply Calendulis Plus Cream or the bath oil topically to the affected area.

8. Repeat nightly if necessary.

If your eczema is this severe and not responding to over the counter treatments we recommend you consult your medical practitioner.

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