Tattoos And Eczema

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years but a huge trend has occurred in recent years with many teens opting for the age old tradition.  Indeed it seems everywhere you look is another person covered in tattoos. The big questions for people with eczema are: •    will a tattoo hide my eczema? •    will […]

Lick Eczema

Babies and young children often suck their thumb or lick their lips regularly.  This causes saliva to be in constant contact with the lips and surrounding skin.  The saliva often irritates the skin resulting in lip eczema – a dry, irritating rash around the mouth. The lips become dry, chapped and sore and the skin […]

Food Colourings

(Direct extract from The Eczema Diet by Karen Fischer) If you’ve ever eaten food at a children’s party, chances are you have ingested dozens of artificial food colourings known to exacerbate eczema.  And it’s not just brightly coloured party food, either.  Regular breakfast cereal, yoghurt and margarines contain colourings that can trigger a range of […]

Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common, chronic, inflammatory skin condition. Although the skin is the only visible area affected the condition actually affects the immune system which is responsible for protecting the body from infections and diseases. There are five types of psoriasis but the most common is plaque psoriasis which affects 80 – 90% of people […]

Atopic Eczema – All The Facts

Eczema – one of the most common medical problems  in the world today affects millions of people globally.  And it is on the rise with the number of people suffering from the condition doubling in the last 30 years. Both adults and children are affected yet it is most commonly thought of as a childhood […]

Fast Food Causing Eczema in Children

Children who eat fast food three times per week are more likely to suffer from atopic conditions like eczema, asthma and rhinitis (hayfever). A world wide study has shown that consuming at least 3 servings of fast food each week is associated with a 39% increase for severe asthma and a 70%  increase for severe […]

Adults Get Eczema Too!

Eczema is one of the most common conditions affecting children in the western world yet it is rarely associated with adults.

This belief leads to many cases of eczema in adults going undiagnosed. Whilst the eczema often presents in different forms in adults it is still eczema with many of the same symptoms seen in childhood eczema – dry skin, itching, red scaly rash.

Psoriasis and Vitamin D

It is common knowledge that vitamin D helps many people with psoriasis. Why is it then that vitamin D tablets and creams alone will not control the condition?

Swimmer’s Nightmare

Swimming is a part of being Australian.  As a parent, you would know that going swimming can be a troublesome experience for a child who has eczema. It is however, a pity for your child to miss out on the fun and benefits of swimming, just because they have eczema. So, what can you do? […]

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