Success Stories

Our products work for many people.  Happy customers have sent us before & after photos, and glowing testimonials.

But I Can’t Show You Testimonials OR Photos

I’d love to show you the photos delighted customers have sent in – before & after shots galore. And I’d love to quote from the tons of emails very happy customers have sent me over the nearly 10 years I’ve been running this web site.

I used to be able to do that.

censored eczema photos

Houston, We Have A Problem

But we have a problem.

You see, some of the products we sell are registered under the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Which means we have to abide by the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code – which is just fine.  We have no problem with that.

Under the Code: “Testimonials must not breach the Code.  They must be documented, genuine, not misleading and illustrate typical cases only.”

If you’ve visited this page before, you’ll have seen the numerous before & after photos, and lots of very positive testimonials.

But the TGA reckon our Testimonials are in breach of the Code.What the…?


All of our testimonials are:

  • Documented (we have every email for every testimonial we’ve ever received) – and you know I hate fake testimonials ;o)
  • 100% genuine
  • Not misleading

I think (because they don’t tell you specifically) that the TGA has asked us to remove the testimonials because they see them as not “typical cases” (according to them).

Definition of a Typical Case

What’s the definition of a typical case??

As I take pains to express, eczema treatments vary from person to person, as does the effectiveness of any treatment.

Some people who use the products we sell have great results.

For others, the products simply don’t work.

Not Everyone Has The Same Results

Whilst I’d certainly argue that all of our testimonials and before and after shots are typical cases – not everyone has the exact same results.

Saying that would be stupid. And I know my visitors are anything but stupid when it comes to finding the right sort of treatment for their/their child’s condition.

But surely it’s typical with eczema and psoriasis to have a variety of responses?

Perhaps we need to add in testimonials from customers who didn’t get a great result?

I Don’t Know What To Do

I simply don’t know.

Whilst I figure out what the TGA sees as “typical cases”, we’ll remove our Before and After shots and wonderful testimonials to comply with their request.

I’ve requested further information from them and will keep you posted.



P.S: April 19, 2011:

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had to take our completely true, positive and wonderful testimonials and Before and After photos down.  There’s been no change in the position of the issue, although I do notice other firms using testimonials and before and after photos.

It gets more than a little frustrating when competitors steal our Before and After photos, including 1 awful company who, believe it or not, stole one of our Before & After images and had it printed on a huge banner to promote their creams in my local shopping centre!

And nothing happens to them – can you tell I’m a bit grumpy ;o)

My husband tells me I need a holiday.  Perhaps he’s right.  Should I tell him I have brochures to go to Bhutan?


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